Cupid's Pulse Article: D-Factor Assessment: The Perfect Gift for the Singles In Your LifeCupid's Pulse Article: D-Factor Assessment: The Perfect Gift for the Singles In Your Life

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By Marni Battista

Elizabeth discovered the secret to having it all: a successful career AND a passionate relationship…

When Elizabeth first came to me, she was a 32-year old divorcee with a super successful, high-powered career. She was gorgeous, intelligent and ready for love — or so she said. She shared with me that she was desperate to fall in love again but honestly didn’t believe she would have chemistry or passion with anyone else. Although she proclaimed her desire for a relationship, my coach intuition told me there was something else going on beneath the surface — something bigger that was keeping her stuck and single.

Through the D-Factor Assessment, we discovered exactly what that “something” was. She still suffered from major unresolved issues with her ex-husband and beliefs about men in general that she’d been cultivating since middle school, beliefs like the really good looking guys wouldn’t even look at me, just be smart; that way I won’t get hurt; and I’m not meant to have it all. Once we addressed these issues head on, Elizabeth was unstoppable.

Despite hating online dating in the past, within two months she had become the most popular girl online, getting asked out by men she could actually see herself settling down with. From there, she started meeting men everywhere — from the gas station to the grocery store to her dentist’s office!

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What’s more, she became more discerning in the dating world and was finally able to break a lifelong pattern of saying “yes” to men who seemed into her but weren’t ready for a relationship. She quickly weeded these casual players out, and shortly thereafter met THE man for her at a work event. This year, she’s taking him home for the holidays, and she can hardly believe just a few months after the D-Factor Assessment she found a man with all of the qualities on her list and more — including chemistry!

What can you learn from Elizabeth’s story?

I hope you walk away from Elizabeth’s story knowing that you can have whatever you want. Whether you want it all, or just a big piece, you have the power to create all that you want for your life.

What’s more, contrary to popular belief “having it all” doesn’t have to take years and years of bad dates, lonely nights and dinners for one. Elizabeth found her happy ending in mere months. Others have found love as soon as two weeks after taking the D-Factor Assessment.

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The reason why we so often hear about those individuals who have been single their whole lives, despite putting themselves out there and “trying really hard”, is because trying harder doesn’t always work — especially not when it comes to love.

Take the image of the impetuous fly, furiously buzzing into the glass door that stands between him and his destination. No matter how hard that fly tries he’s not going to be able to break through the glass and get to the other side, but he can’t see that from his current position. He could stay at that door for weeks, months or even years — however long it takes for him to realize that trying harder is not going to work in this situation.

But the sooner he flies away, gains some perspective and looks at his methods with a broader view, the sooner he might spot a cracked window on the other side of the house where he may enter with ease.

If you’ve been banging your head against your own proverbial glass door, proclaiming to the world that you are really, finally and truly ready for a relationship, but nothing is changing, it may be time to take a step back, gain some perspective, and start looking for a fresh approach.

If you’re ready to truly have it all, I challenge you to take the opportunity right in front of you: my signature D-Factor Assessment and VIP private coaching session with me for just $197 (normally $397!).