Cupid's Pulse Article: 12/12/12 is the Last Consecutive Number Sequence Date to Marry This CenturyCupid's Pulse Article: 12/12/12 is the Last Consecutive Number Sequence Date to Marry This Century

By Jennifer Ross

Seeing triple? 12/12/12 is quickly approaching. This is the last of the popular consecutive date sequences, like 10/10/10 and 11/11/11, to come around for the next 1,000 years — our lifetime! Many people consider it lucky to be alive during these years, and even more people consider it lucky to fall in love and get married on one of these iconic dates.

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According to the sixth annual survey from David’s Bridal, “What’s on Brides’ Minds,” an estimated 43% of brides have considered planning their wedding on an iconic date such as this one. Earlier this year, on 10/11/12, thousands of couples were married. David’s Bridal estimates that more than 7,500 brides will marry on 12/12/12 – compared to only 485 who married on this day last year. That’s a 1446% increase over the prior year!

The people at David’s Bridal spoke to a lot of amazing brides getting married on 12/12/12 who have great stories. Here are five of the most popular reasons to choose this date:

1. Couples got engaged on 11/11/11 or 10/10/10.

2. The triple number sequence is good luck to people interested in numerology.

3. Because the date is iconic – the last consecutive number sequence of the century.

4. It is easy to remember; husbands will have no excuse if they forget their anniversary.

5. In the Chinese culture, even numbers are lucky.

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Another reason couples chose this date is so that they can save a little money by getting married in the middle of the week since 12/12/12 lands on a Wednesday. Talk about being resourceful!

If you are unable to plan your wedding in time for this iconic date and are upset about missing the last consecutive number sequence of our lifetime, don’t fret. Next year, there will be an order sequence date: 11/12/13. However, you might want to start planning soon; this number is officially the last sequence number for the century.

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