Cupid's Pulse Article: Scarlett Johansson Debuts New French Boyfriend Romain DauriacCupid's Pulse Article: Scarlett Johansson Debuts New French Boyfriend Romain Dauriac

By Jennifer Ross

Scarlett Johansson has got a new man. Just one month after splitting from advertising exec Nate Naylor, Johansson has been spotted out with French journalist Romain Dauriac. Johansson and her new beau were out on Sunday Nov. 18 in New York City for the premiere of her latest film, the making of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. According to Pure People, the love birds were introduced to each other by a mutual friend and tattoo artist Fuzi Uvtpk. Since then, reports claim that the couple has also frequented several bars and clubs in both France and New York within the past several weeks.

What are some ways to introduce your new partner to family and friends?

Cupid’s Advice:

When you begin a love relationship, you naturally want to involve him/her in every part of your life. This will include introductions to your colleagues, friends and family. Be warned that this can be a tricky when dealing with judgmental people who care about you. In order for things to work out well, here are three ways to bring your important people together:

1. Private brunch/dinner: Before your new partner is thrown to the family pack, smooth things over with a pre-introduction brunch/dinner for you two and your parents. It will be difficult enough for your mate to answer questions from your parents in front of the family. A private brunch/dinner for four will allow your parents to get to know him/her without the scrutiny of a family audience.

2. Sports gathering: A great time for your partner to meet your friends is when you all get together for a sports event. This will be a way for him/her to mingle with everyone without being the center of attention. Also, bonding moments can happen when your sport team is winning.

3. Vacation trip: If you feel you two are ready, consider inviting your partner to a family or friend vacation trip. This will allow everyone to be in a neutral and stress-free environment with plenty of days to get to know him/her. Just remember to go easy on the alcoholic beverages during the trip.

How did you introduce your new partner to family and friends? Share with us below.