Cupid's Pulse Article: Chloe Sevigny Goes on Pre-Thanksgiving Date with Mystery ManCupid's Pulse Article: Chloe Sevigny Goes on Pre-Thanksgiving Date with Mystery Man

By Nic Baird

Actress Chloë Sevigny had a romantic evening of drinks with a handsome man on Wednesday, a source tells People. The couple sat in front of a house and kissed. The Big Love alumna was wearing a fur coat, according to the onlooker, and sipped red wine. “[She] looked very smitten with her date.” The next night, Thursday, Sevigny spent Thanksgiving at celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson’s Red Rooster restaurant in Harlem, New York.

What are some ways to keep your relationship under wraps in the beginning stages?

Cupid’s Advice:

You shouldn’t have to hide your love, but if Romeo and Juliet have taught us anything, it’s that stealth and caution are sometimes necessary. Eventually, you’ll move past the “secret lovers” phase. In the meantime, this is how you court someone on the sly:

1. Spend time out of the house: Avoid stay-at-home dates. Movies, or listening to music can be great low-key ways to spend time together, but you’ll have to explain away your companion during surprise visits from friends. It’s true, you could run into someone out of the house too. Though, if you’re careful about your location selection, you should avoid any uproars.

2. Discuss the situation with your partner:  Most importantly, your date has to know that you’re trying to keep this between the two of you. Otherwise, they’ll have no reservations telling their friends and introducing themselves as your significant other. There should be a good reason you don’t want to sing your love from the mountain tops, tell your partner why this is a bad time for such an announcement.

3. Don’t tell people: It seems like pretty obvious. If you don’t want people to know, just don’t tell them, right? Easier said than done I’m afraid. It can be strenuously tempting to reveal your hidden flame to a close family member, or friend. Make sure to reflect on the consequences before spilling your guts. Loose lips sink ships.

What have you done to keep your relationship hush-hush? Share your experiences below!