Cupid's Pulse Article: Beyonce and Jay-Z Enjoy Quality Family Time with Daughter Blue IvyCupid's Pulse Article: Beyonce and Jay-Z Enjoy Quality Family Time with Daughter Blue Ivy

By Nic Baird

R&B power couple Beyonce and Jay-Z are shown doting on daughter Blue Ivy Carter in pictures from the Dangerously in Love singer’s Tumblr. Beyonce is kissing her child’s forehead in one photo. In another, Jay-Z carries the 11-month-old as he walks down a tree lined path. Both mother and daughter are appropriately dressed in blue. The baby girl was born this January, and though the couple released photos with the newborn in early February, they’ve been careful to keep her out of the limelight. That being said, ever since her credited cries rang out at the end of Beyonce’s “Glory,” she’s been the youngest person ever to appear on a Billboard chart.

What are some tips to becoming closer as a family unit?

 Cupid’s Advice:

Family is expected to be there for each other in bad weather, but they’re not just a life raft. Here are some ways to bring your family closer:

1. Routine and tradition: Building your family is easier if you have traditions at the foundation. This can be as simple as sharing meals together, or as unconventional as unwrapping the Christmas presents with your teeth. Productive routines, like doing chores and homework, can’t hurt either. The family identity that emerges will be be special because it was celebrated.

2. Interest and support: Showing that you’re involved with the lives of your family means more than simply demonstrating your concern, or sympathy. Give helpful advice, and be present.  When you’re around to lend a hand it demonstrates that family has meaning and a purpose.

3. Special moments: Make sure to take advantage of spontaneous, significant moments. Children are experiencing life with a lot more wonder. You can create lasting impressions by noticing when your child is amazed at something they’ve never seen, or tasted a new flavor, or just trying anything for the first time. Be part of that memory, and manufacture them whenever possible! Taking your child on an outing, or for an activity, could end up being a lasting example for how they define family.

What are some ways your family bonds? Share your experiences below.