Cupid's Pulse Article: Argo Style Study: How to Get Affleck’s ‘70s LookCupid's Pulse Article: Argo Style Study: How to Get Affleck’s ‘70s Look

By Ben Holbrook

It’s been a while since Ben Affleck’s overly-chiselled jaw has graced the big screen, and his latest movie, Argo, is a far cry from his days as a blind Daredevil. Affleck directed, produced and gave himself the lead role in this CIA action thriller, set in the late ‘70s. Whether it’ll win him another Oscar (yes, he got one for Good Will Hunting) is not for us to say, but there’s no doubt that men across the world be looking for ways to get that bold, but subtle, cop-about-town look. Here are a few of the vital ingredients:

Herringbone Jackets — The Essential Chevron Weave

Cupid's Pulse Article: Argo Style Study: How to Get Affleck’s ‘70s Look

Throughout the movie, and the late ‘70s, Herringbone suits and jackets can be seen almost exclusively. Herringbone gives a smart but down to earth kind of feel, and practical for day-to-day wear. For a more modern vibe take note of the lapels; the larger they the more you’ll look like one of Starsky and Hutch’s friends. Of course, if you are really trying to nail that ‘70s look — the bigger the better!

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Where to find them?

Most menswear stores will have a good selection of Herringbone jackets, although full suits can be harder to find. For the real deal, check out your local charity shops and vintage stalls who will carry a small but authentic range of jackets.

Flannel Shirts

For the casual look, worn without a tie, you want earth-toned flannel shirts — don’t be afraid of the washed out look. Darker colours give more of a ‘70s vibe, but you can wear brighter colors for a more modern look. Affleck also dons another classic style of the era: the denim shirt.

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Where to find them?

With recent revivial (some say saturation) of the good old-fashioned worker’s shirt, authentic-looking flannel shirts can be bought from all menswear stores. You can also get the vintage look by buying them secondhand from your local charity shop or vintage clothing stalls where you’ll find them in bulk and at rock-bottom prices. There are also specialist stores on ebay that sell a mix of new and vintage designs.

Chunky Ties


Forget skinny ties, after watching Argo men will be delving back into their father’s wardrobes, digging out the chunky styles of the ‘70s and early ‘80s. Heavy fabrics and simple colours added to a simple shirt with (optional) large collar, there’s nothing that says “I’m in charge” quite like these bad boys!

Where to find them?

Have a look in your father/grandfather’s wardrobe, no doubt they’ll have plenty in the style you are after. If not, check out charity stores that will sell them off for next to nothing, or check out a car boot sale. They don’t really make them like this anymore, so you’ll need to buy vintage to get the right look.

‘70s/Argo Style Tips:

– Don’t ruin the look by wearing a modern, brightly coloured watch. Instead, make sure to wear something complimentary, perhaps with a silver or gold strap.

– Brown or black leather shoes will work well with these simple fabrics, Ben Affleck wears a brown pair of cowboy boots with his more causal outfits.

– Dark denim jeans work perfectly with herringbone jackets and a slight flair at the bottom will finish off the ‘70s vibe.

Ben Holbrook is a fashion writer for Miinto, where you can find fashion inspiration and designs from fashion boutiques across Europe.