Cupid's Pulse Article: Kelly Clarkson Compares Her Relationship to a Cheesy Love SongCupid's Pulse Article: Kelly Clarkson Compares Her Relationship to a Cheesy Love Song

By Nic Baird

The original American Idol, Kelly Clarkson, “completely fell in love” with talent rep boyfriend, Brandon Blackstock, reports After eight months of dating, her priorities have shifted from her career to her “best accomplishment”, her relationship with Blackstock, Clarkson said. “I just didn’t think it would happen. It’s like one of those cheesy love songs that didn’t exist, but it does, so that’s cool.” Clarkson promises to still write breakup tracks, despite being in relationship bliss.

What are some ways that not looking for a relationship can help you find one?

Cupid’s Advice:

Whenever you lose your keys, phone or favorite sweater, you can drive yourself crazy with a frantic search. The irony is that when you stop looking, the elusive item pops up. Don’t lose your head looking for love, because dialing down your quest for affection will get you better results. Cupid has some tips:

1. Comfortable: If you’re fretting about relationships, and eyeing each potential suitor like a piece of meat, you’re going to create tension. Both genders don’t like to feel pressure at the start of a courtship. By lowering this urge to jump on opportunities, you project confidence and the other sex will feel more relaxed in your presence.

2. Independent: Another way you can project confidence outside a relationship, is by focusing on yourself and all your non-romantic interests. Don’t change yourself because you think it will help you lure a mate. Change yourself because it will make you the person you want to be, and reflect the person you are presently. Someone who is happy on their own is attractive. Someone who needs a relationship to latch onto so they can pull themselves out of depression is terrifying.

3. Personalized matches: You could follow your crush around and pretend to be interested in the same things. And if they’re not too weirded out, you could look forward to a lifetime of Frisbee golf, or lectures on the philosophy of science fiction. But, if you truly want to find your soul mate, pursue your own interests. Chase your own goals, do your own activities, and you’ll find the people you meet to be better matches. Synergy! 

How have you got your mind of the relationship hunt? Share your experiences below!