Cupid's Pulse Article: Justin Bieber Brings His Mom Patti to the AMA AwardsCupid's Pulse Article: Justin Bieber Brings His Mom Patti to the AMA Awards

By Nic Baird

Without ex Selena Gomez at his side, Justin Bieber brought his mom to the 40th American Music Awards, Sunday, according to The 18-year-old pop icon,  escorted by mother, Pattie Mallette, walked down the Nokia Theatre red carpet in Los Angeles and returned as the top winner. Bieber took home the awards for Favorite Pop/Rock Artist, Favorite Pop/Rock Album, and brought his date on stage for his biggest triumph, Artist of the Year. “This is my mom,” Bieber said. “She’s little, but she’s beautiful . . . It’s hard growing up with everything going on, with everyone watching me. I wanna always make you proud.”

What are some ways family can help you get through a breakup?

Cupid’s Advice:

Some great advice, just for life, is to spend time with your family. People used to marry each other, just so two families wouldn’t start warring. It’s a powerful institution because of the transcending love and zealous loyalty it creates. A significant other could cut you loose, but there’s no such thing as breaking up with your family:

1. You’re loved: You might feel empty, and incomplete. It’s impossible not to doubt your self worth when someone who was crazy about you moments ago now wants to go their separate way. But you are not unloved! Familial love is deep and unconditional. It’s there for you to rely on in moments like these.

2. You’re supported: Your family has a duty to support you and lift you out of this rut. While you don’t always agree with them, they always have your best interests at heart. Tell them what you need and they will rise to the occasion. This isn’t charity, or pity, they want to help you, so let them!

3. You’re needed: Your family needs your love as much as you need theirs. Your not an affection parasite, you’re symbiotic! They know that if you give them the opportunity to help you, you’ll be there for them when tragedy strikes. Mothers lift cars when their children are trapped underneath. Don’t underestimate this power!

How has your family supported you after a rough split? Share your experiences below!