Cupid's Pulse Article: Rose McGowan Reveals Her Biggest Dating No-NoCupid's Pulse Article: Rose McGowan Reveals Her Biggest Dating No-No

By Nicole Weintraub

The former Charmed star, Rose McGowan, reveals that her biggest turn off is a sloppy kisser, according to People. “Don’t be sloppy!” the actress announced. She likes her man to be slightly aggressive with his kissing, but she doesn’t want to swallow his tongue. McGowan has been linked to Marilyn Manson and was formerly engaged to Robert Rodriguez. On her former television show, Charmed, the star had to lock lips with several different actors without evening knowing their names. Afterwards, she would never see them again, so this kissing expert has some experience in the smooching department. As far as learning how to kiss, unfortunately, McGowan believes that “you just either know how to do it or you don’t”.

What are three dating deal breakers?

Cupid’s Advice:

While messy kissing might be Rose McGowan’s deal breaker, here are a few of our own that make a date go from fabulous to icky:

1. Poor hygiene: Regardless of how attractive someone may be, if your date shows up with mismatched clothes and a body odor that brings tears to your eyes, run for the hills. Bad breath, stinky body odor, disheveled clothing and dirty fingernails are just gross. 

2. Egocentric: If your date does nothing but talk about themselves the entire time, it’s time to look elsewhere. A relationship involves two people and if this person can have a relationship without you, that’s not attractive.

3. Poor manners: While it’s nice to have a gentleman who opens the door for you and pays for your dinner, it’s not mandatory. Though, if he insults you or makes you pay for him all of the time, kick him to the curb.

What are your dating no-nos? Share your stories with us in the comments below!