Cupid's Pulse Article: Wendy Williams Lashes Out at Heidi Klum for Relationship with Bodyguard BoyfriendCupid's Pulse Article: Wendy Williams Lashes Out at Heidi Klum for Relationship with Bodyguard Boyfriend

By Jennifer Ross

Wendy Williams speaks her mind about Heidi Klum’s new relationship and it is not nice. Last Tuesday on The Wendy Williams Show, Williams criticized the Victoria’s Secret model, insinuating that Klum and bodyguard boyfriend Martin Kirsten began their relationship while Klum was still married to Seal. She even went as far as implying that intimate moments may have taken place under Seal’s nose while Kirsten worked for the family the past four years. “Seal, you know what that means — and not just when you were out of town.” The TV host ended with giving Seal advice on revenge. “I don’t how much you’re worth, but she’s worth more. You need half. You need yourself a new girlfriend; someone young, hot and with a long future in modeling, and really fertile.”

What are some signs that your partner is cheating?

Cupid’s Advice:

No one ever wants to find out their partner is cheating. As a result, many people will turn a blind eye to the infidelity and live in denial. A problem with this is that the truth will eventually surface and you will need to deal with it. So rather than wait for your mate to confess, here are a few signs that someone is cheating:

1. Private phone calls: Yes, there are moments when your partner will need to take a phone call into the next room for privacy. However, if your partner runs to the next room every time the phone rings, something is not right. Also, your mate may refuse to let you know who called or what the call was about.

2. Change in appearance: Another sign of cheating is if your spouse has changed their appearance, such as previously dressing conservative but now focuses on designer clothing. Also, your mate wasn’t much for grooming but now is finicky about their hair style, jewelry, and/or make-up. A new love in their life will have them feeling more conscious about their look.

3. Overly defensive or angry: When a spouse is cheating, they may come off more defensive about answering for their whereabouts or any question at all. The defensiveness could lead to criticizing or controlling you for any little thing and impatience or aggression in just speaking to you. The infidelity signs will get stronger so pay attention.

What signs did you see that told you your partner was cheating? Comment below.