Cupid's Pulse Article: “No More Duck Lips!” And Other Dating Profile RulesCupid's Pulse Article: “No More Duck Lips!” And Other Dating Profile Rules

By Luba Tolkachyov, from

how to make your online dating profile stand out

Finding that special someone can be frustrating, and many people use online dating and matchmaking sites to open up doors to new possibilities. There are literally millions of people out there looking for their soulmates, and an online profile might help them find you!

Here are some tips on how you can maximize your profile — and find someone great.


Writing your online profile shouldn’t feel like a college assignment. It should be a brief, natural extension of your own personality. A lot of people are reading dozens of profiles, so you want to communicate who you are as quickly as possible. Help your readers learn whether they have something in common with you as easily as possible.

When you’re sharing information, simply ask yourself, “Can I sum this up in five words?” Most likely, you can and should; the second readers see you’ve written a short novel about yourself, they’ll lose interest and move on.

You also want to keep in mind that dating is supposed to be fun! If it starts to feel like a job that’s weighing you down and stressing you out, you need to change your attitude and approach it differently. Keeping it simple will help you spend less time overanalyzing things — and give you more time to meet people.


Honesty is key. Online profiles are meant to lead to meeting people in person. If you’re not honest in your profile, you won’t have good experiences meeting people face to face. Chemistry is something we all want, but it develops when you interact directly, not when you read about each other. The more accurate and true the online version of yourself is, the more likely you are to click with someone who’s drawn in by your profile.

You also want to be approached by people who share your objectives, so if you’re looking for marriage, say so! There’s no reason to beat around the bush. I would hate to end up on a date with a nice, attractive, funny man I could fall in love with, only to find out he’s not interested in falling in love as well.


The picture you choose for your profile is just as important as the words you write. Select one that clearly shows your face. Avoid group shots, since it makes it difficult for those browsing your profile to know which person you are. It also can imply that you’re being misleading and want other users to assume you’re the most attractive person in the photo — whomever the viewer might deem that to be!
And please stay away from clichés. Duck lips, cleavage shots, and photos of you hanging on others don’t help you stand out. They just make you look tacky. You want a picture that’s flattering and looks like the real you, not a gimmick.


Of course, everyone is displaying her best side on an online profile, but don’t feel a need to put every single positive detail about yourself on there. You want to make sure you include enough in your profile to describe yourself well and honestly, but you still want to have something to talk about when you meet.

Keep any emails and chats short. If you think you like the person, take it offline and meet for a date to get to know the real him. Remember, dating is about face-to-face interaction!

The dating world can be complex and intimidating, but setting up an online profile is an easy, wonderful way to start meeting new people. Keep your profile simple and honest, and online dating will be a fun adventure. (If nothing else, you’ll have some great stories to share.) You never know — you just might find what (or who) you’re looking for!