Cupid's Pulse Article: Top 3 Pre-Date Primping RitualsCupid's Pulse Article: Top 3 Pre-Date Primping Rituals

By Dana B. Myers

Ten years ago, I met my husband on  I was on my Husband Safari, ready to meet him whether it took three months or three years. I was simply committed to the process. If you’ve ever done it, you know that the dot-com-dating experience can be exciting, daunting, thrilling, annoying and exasperating. It can boost your ego or leave you totally deflated.

As I made my way through the online dating numbers game, I felt all of that and more. But one thing I hadn’t expected was how much time and effort the whole Husband Safari would take – specifically, the time it took to get ready for all of those first dates that went nowhere.  Fergie and J.Lo may have teams of stylists to craft their every look, but as a mere mortal, it was just me and my make-up brushes left with the task.

Of course, beautifying oneself to attract positive attention from others is a basic human behavior. It wasn’t as if I was going to show up with a bare face and a bad attitude. So, instead of begrudging the effort it took to prep for dates, I chose to create seductive beauty and body rituals

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These sexy, simple pre-date rituals became one of the most powerful tools I had for shining up my inner sexy self-confidence. And you know what they say, right? Confidence in a woman is sexy.

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Below are three of my best pre-date, primping rituals. They’ll give you a chance to flirt with yourself, meditate on what you truly want from a mate, and also have some fun. Check it out:

1. Compliment Your Curves:  Choose a flirty chemise to wear while you do your make-up and hair. A chemise is a much more curve-flattering option than a bulky towel for the in-between time after your shower, before you dress for the evening. (Leighton Meester wore Stella McCartney’s sumptuous blue Clara Whispering Chemise on a recent Gossip Girl episode.)  You’ll instantly feel flirtatious and more feminine.  Admire your gorgeous self in the mirror — you’re irresistible!

2. Get Bedroom Eyes: With your brushes and shadows ready, prepare to create a soft and smoky look. Use pictures of Emma Stone and Keira Knightly as your eye-inspiration. As you apply the make-up, gaze into the mirror and imagine you’re looking into the eyes of a future partner. Lower your lids a bit, and tilt your head slightly up and down; raise a brow seductively, never breaking eye contact.

3. Say “Eau Yes!”: Choose an eau de parfum that matches your mood for the night — fresh, sultry, playful or mysterious. Then dab it on a few spots, like below your belly button, on your ankles, or on the inside of your elbows. Those less traditional spots will be your secret. The sense of smell can be very powerful when it comes to physical attraction, so use it to your best advantage. Take a page from Jennifer Love Hewitt, and choose a perfume infused with pheromones to elicit an intense reaction that your date will forever associate with you.

Bonus Ritual: Affirmations

When your sexy beauty rituals are complete, say a self-loving affirmation out loud to help make a solid connection to loving your beautiful self.  It’s the ultimate self-confidence booster as you’re preparing for your date.

Dana B. Myers is the author of The Mojo Makeover, which provides tips and tricks on beauty, love, sex and dating.  She’s also a sexy lifestyle expert and the founder of Booty Parlor.