Cupid's Pulse Article: President Obama and Michelle Obama Embrace with News of Re-ElectionCupid's Pulse Article: President Obama and Michelle Obama Embrace with News of Re-Election

By Jennifer Ross

It’s official! President Obama and his family will not need to move out of the White House. On Tuesday night, after Americans ran to the polls to vote, news reports confirmed the President, 51, as the winner after gaining the electoral vote of Ohio. By Wednesday morning, the official tally was in — President Obama with 303 and Republican nominee Mitt Romney with 206. Soon after winning Ohio, the President tweeted to celebrate, including a photograph of him hugging First Lady. When giving thanks for support, the president tweeted, “We’re all in this together. That’s how we campaigned, and that’s who we are. Thank you. -bo.”

How do you congratulate your partner after an accomplishment?

Cupid’s Advice:

All successes, big and little, should be celebrated, especially when it involves someone you love. Whether your partner has received a hard-earned promotion, lost weight, graduated or published a book, this is the time to do something special and show that you care. Need a little help? Check out these ideas:

1. Party time: A party is a great way to celebrate your mate’s success. Gather all the loved ones and friends together. Decorate the place up nice and include your partner’s favorite foods. Don’t forget to write a wonderful speech, showing how proud you are for their success and how much you care.

2. A token: When there isn’t time for a party, a little token of appreciation can be given to your mate. You can give a personalized briefcase or pen for a job promotion or take them shopping for new clothes due to weight loss. Whatever the occasion is, there’s always an appropriate item to give.

3. Announcement: If you are so proud that you want the world to know, why not announce your loved one’s success to everyone. You can rent a billboard in your area, have a radio DJ broadcast it in the morning or light up the great news on a teleprompter at a sport’s area. Make sure your partner receives the message loud and clear — you are proud of him/her.

How did you congratulate your partner after an accomplishment? Tell us below.