Cupid's Pulse Article: Bristol’s DWTS Stint Shocks ExCupid's Pulse Article: Bristol’s DWTS Stint Shocks Ex

Bristol Palin’s ex beau, Levi Johnston, is completely floored by his former sweetheart’s upcoming appearance on Dancing with the Stars, according to TMZ.  Although no ill feelings were expressed, Johnston made it clear that dancing was not exactly a big part of their relationship.  Is Johnston suffering from “jealous ex” syndrome in light of Palin’s soon-to-be dance partner, Mark Ballas?

How do you handle a jealous ex?

Cupid’s Advice:

1. Talk to him: As easy as it is to get frustrated, it’s important to respect the way your ex feels and talk to him about his jealous tendencies, especially if you split on good terms.  Remember that your ex was once someone with whom you were extremely close.

2. Put yourself in his shoes: Remember that your former beau is a person, too.  Think about how you would feel if you were in his place.  Even if this tactic doesn’t resolve the situation, at least it will help you understand where he is coming from.

3. Draw the line: In the end, you have to remember that your ex is your ex for a reason.  As tough as it may be, you can’t let him hold you back from new opportunities or budding romances.  Break free!