Cupid's Pulse Article: Vanessa Lachey Calls Nick Lachey a ‘Doting Dad’Cupid's Pulse Article: Vanessa Lachey Calls Nick Lachey a ‘Doting Dad’

By Jennifer Ross

Vanessa Lachey has definitely won the jackpot when it comes to finding the perfect man in husband Nick Lachey. Vanessa, 31, recently opened up to about life as a threesome, with new baby Camden John, and what a wonderful father Nick has become. “All of my hopes and dreams have come true and he [Nick] is awesome. I was actually joking earlier that if Nick could nurse Camden he would!” Even though Camden is a peaceful baby, his loving parents were still in for a surprise awakening when it came to his feeding schedule. Vanessa explains, “I didn’t understand that they need to eat every two to three hours at first and then three to four a little after that. Sometimes we literally had 15 minutes between him falling asleep and then having to wake him for the next feed. I’m like, ‘This goes on 24 hours a day and no one told me about this part of it!’”

What are some ways to tell your partner will be a good parent?

Cupid’s Advice:

With the holidays fast upon us, chances are you’ll think about spending time with your immediate family. These thoughts can lead to future dreams of having your own family traditions; but before that can happen, you have got to find the right partner. So how can you tell if he/she will make a great parent? Here are few telling traits:

1. Strong stomach: Does your partner get easily grossed out? The truth is, kids are messy, with diaper changes, spit ups and runny noses. Having a “strong stomach” to be able to handle taking care of someone when they are sick is a sign that your mate will be there when you or your little ones need it most.

2. Creativity: Because kids have such vivid imaginations, you or your partner will someday need to entertain them…possibly for hours. Having a creative mind will show that your partner has a playful sense and won’t take stressful things too seriously. After all, you will need a little fun to handle life with kids.

3. Nieces/nephews: A great indicator of your partner’s parenting skills is how he/she treats their nieces and/or nephews. Does your partner remember their birthdays or play with them when together? Is your mate able to show emotions freely with them? Your partner being able to care for them is wonderful practice to someday loving your own.

How did you know your partner would be a great parent? Tell us your story below.