Cupid's Pulse Article: Elizabeth Olsen Is Dating ‘Very Good Girls’ Costar Boyd HolbrookCupid's Pulse Article: Elizabeth Olsen Is Dating ‘Very Good Girls’ Costar Boyd Holbrook

By Jennifer Ross

One of the Olsen sisters is in love! Little sister to celebrity twins Mary Kate and Ashley, Elizabeth Olsen has recently been seen out in New Orleans, holding hands with a new beau. Confirmed by, the lucky man is none other than her Very Good Girls costar, Boyd Holbrook. A source close to Olsen, 23, spoke of the costars budding relationship details, stating that they have “been dating for awhile now…trying to keep it hush-hush, of course. They met from the first read of their movie together, and there was great chemistry there.” Whether this relationship will last, only time will tell. However, one thing is certain, the source said Olsen “really likes him!”

What are some characteristics to look for when you’re first dating someone?

Cupid’s Advice:

During the first few dates, it can be a difficult to tell if your potential partner could be the one. After all, everyone has their best foot forward. However, there are moments when he/she will give little clues to his/her true characteristics. Being able to see and understand them quickly will help in deciding whether you want another date. Below are a few positive characteristics that you should keep in mind:

1. Generosity: A person can be generous with their spirit, their time and/or the wallet. The real important thing here is that a generous person freely gives to matters they care about, often forgives and seeks the best in others. When with such a person, your needs may be met before even asking. Generosity in a relationship is a winning deal.

2. Openness: The ability to be naturally open is when your potential mate is able to share genuine thoughts and feelings. Also, he/she is not afraid of whom they are or do not feel the need to hide when emotionally exposed. Being with an open person will allow you to exchange deeper, personal feelings early on with much ease; thus, creating a strong bond.

3. Humor: Potential partners that have a great sense of humor can see the fun in situations and laugh at themselves. In these moments, you two will find yourselves laughing often, relaxing and letting tension go. As a result, this can carry any relationship through the hard times and on to better days.

What characteristics attracted you to your partner during your first few dates? Share your story below.