Cupid's Pulse Article: Tim Tebow Steps Out with New Girlfriend Camilla BelleCupid's Pulse Article: Tim Tebow Steps Out with New Girlfriend Camilla Belle

By Nic Baird

Tim Tebow, devout Christian quarterback for the New York Jets, was spotted by TMZ with his new girlfriend, actress Camilla Belle from Push and 10, 000 BC. Belle was raised in a strict Catholic household, and her earlier romance with abstinent musician Joe Jonas reflects those values. Belle and Tebow were seen as an affectionate pair at Latitude 30, Florida, on Tuesday night.

What do you do if your crush starts dating someone else?

Cupid’s Advice:

Better to have loved and lost, there’s plenty of fish in the sea, etc. Any phrase really that will convince you to move on and stop wasting your time on a lost cause. You’re emotionally vulnerable right now, and you have to protect your feelings by taking time for yourself and getting your mind off the sting of a stolen crush.

1. Don’t be desperate: “When it rains, it pours,” Tina Fey noticed as Liz Lemon on NBC’s 30 Rock. This is a relationship phenomenon that happens because we don’t like to see our options dwindle. Rather than giving your crush an ego boost and painful complications by confessing your undying love right after they’ve been taken off the market, take a step back. One ironclad guarantee is that your passionate declaration will fail if you think this is the time.

2. Don’t be sad: Easier said than done, but if you’re heading for a rut, make sure you start insulating your heart. Spend lots of time with friends, especially if it involves a night on the town, or new experiences, activities, and people. The fact that you lost your crush doesn’t mean you’ve lost any important emotional connection. Don’t let infatuation trick your feelings!

3. Don’t second guess your value: When it comes to love and relationships, we are all so easily seduced, tricked, intrigued, hurt, and hopeful for the most ridiculous reasons. Sometimes there is no good reason, or sensible explanation, why events didn’t bring you and your crush together, but worrying about these unseen and unmanageable variables can lead to self-deprecation. There’s another crush out here, they’re way better, and they’re crazy about you even if it doesn’t make sense!

How have you coped when your crush started dating someone else? Share your experiences below!