Cupid's Pulse Article: Are We In Danger of Dating Like Celebrities?Cupid's Pulse Article: Are We In Danger of Dating Like Celebrities?

By Joshua Pompey

We see it year after year. Celebrities enter relationships, only to see them quickly dissolve in record times.

For every one Brad Pitt who finally settles down to commit, there are a hundred Derek Jeters. Russell Brands and Kristen Stewarts. In fact, Bill Maer once said, “Men are only as faithful as their options.” The fact is, when it comes to celebrities, options are unlimited for both males and females. When the going gets tough in the celebrity world, the tough can get going and be just fine!  The bottom line is that there’s no true incentive to make things last forever once the initial rush fades.

Unfortunately, this is translating outside of the celebrity world these days. The modern era of dating has completely flipped the world upside down.  Attention spans are shorter than ever, and online dating has created the same unlimited options for everyone that at one time were only available to celebrities. People are always on the look out for the next big thing, entertaining way too many options, and having way too many superficial relationships.

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So, what are some ways to avoid the shallow world of celebrity dating? Here are three ways:

1. Focus on the person:

Many people who date online play the numbers game.  They go on multiple dates per week, thinking they will find “the one” much quicker. This is a bad idea, because it will just result in more superficial conversations and never truly getting to know someone on a deep emotional level. Falling for someone takes time and effort.

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2. Realize that life is not a movie:

We tend to always see celebrities living “happily ever after” and want the same for ourselves. We think if we look hard enough, we’ll find that “perfect” person the way people in the movies do, who sweeps us completely off our feet. The problem is, the “perfect” person in our imaginations may not exist.  Life is not a movie.  Just look at what usually happens to real life “fairy tale” celebrity marriages when they meet their “romantic fates.” Serial dating in the hopes of finding the perfect person is a lost cause unless you are realistic with your expectations.

3. Allow logic to enter the equation:

Celebrities tend to rely more on emotion than logic because there are very few consequences. They will still have their millions, movie deals and mansions when the relationship ends. Us “real people” may not be so lucky. Acting purely on emotion may leave our lives seriously damaged if the relationship doesn’t work out.  Allow logic to enter the equation and think long term before forming a relationship that is based on infatuation and sexual attraction.

Don’t become just another celebrity-like statistic. Remember, the dating troubles of us normal folk won’t be featured on any magazines. We don’t have as many chances as those in the celebrity world, and we have the chance of ending up cold and lonely if we make too many love mistakes along the way.

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