Cupid's Pulse Article: Meredith Vieira Says Her Husband Has Never Warmed to Their DogCupid's Pulse Article: Meredith Vieira Says Her Husband Has Never Warmed to Their Dog

By Nicole Weintraub

Meredith Vieira provides proof that perhaps all dogs aren’t a man’s best friend since her husband dislikes the family dog, according to People. Her husband, Richard Cohen, just recently released a new book entitled I Want to Kill the Dog in which he uses humor to convey his dislike for the dog. Vieira admitted that she does not think that her husband ever really took to the dog, though she dotes on him. Cohen remarked, “I find it mind-boggling that anybody can be as affectionate and pay as much attention,” when discussing his wife’s relationship with the dog. “Maybe there’s a little jealousy,” said Vieira teasingly as she kept her dog by her side even while appearing on the Today show.

How do you compromise if you want a dog, but your partner doesn’t?

Cupid’s Advice:

Adding a furry friend to the family can be an exciting adventure with your partner. Though, here are some ways to deal if you want a dog but your partner does not:

1. Visit the shelter: Before committing to the idea of getting a dog, why not take a trip with your partner to visit a shelter. Perhaps the two of you can volunteer or spend time with the animals to see whether or not the two of you are truly animal friendly.

2. Downsize: If your partner is dead set against getting a dog, perhaps they will compromise for a smaller pet. Why not try a cat or a rabbit before jumping into the commitment of owning a dog?

3. Pet sit: Another way to ease your partner into the idea of adopting a furry friend is to pet sit for a friend. This way, you will get the full experience of having a dog without the life long commitment. This may be a reality check for you and your partner.

How would you compromise with your partner for a dog? Share your ideas with us in the comments below!