Cupid's Pulse Article: Kim and Kanye Double Date with Scott and Kourtney on HalloweenCupid's Pulse Article: Kim and Kanye Double Date with Scott and Kourtney on Halloween

By Nicole Weintraub

Sisters Kourtney and Kim Kardashian double dated for Halloween in Miami with their respective men – Scott Disick and Kanye West, according to The sisters are currently filming Kourtney & Kim Take Miami where they went out on a double date with their boyfriends, deciding to not have a big extravaganza for Halloween this year. Kourtney, Disick and West wore light colors in white and beige while Kim stood out in black leather pants and a black mesh top revealing a black bra underneath. Ever since Kim and West have come out as an official couple, he has been helping dress her. Kim and West have just recently starting dating, but have been friends for several years. Kourtney and Disick have been together for several years, having two children together.

Is double dating a good idea?

Cupid’s Advice:

Double dating can be a great way to relieve the pressure, or it can be a disastrous way of ruining your one on one time with your date. Here are ways it can be good or bad:

1. The more the merrier: While it may be a good idea to have a double date or even a group date in the beginning of dating, it can also take away from one on one time. Double dating is a great way of relieving tension and keeping the conversation going, but it takes the intimacy away from an actual date.

2. Different relationships: Kourtney and Scott have two children together while Kim and Kanye are in a brand new relationship. If you are going to double date, try to go out with a couple that are on the same page with their relationship. The more the two couples have in common, the more there will be to talk about.

3. Four different people: A double date can quickly go from two couples spending time together to four people hanging out with one another. Make sure that while you are still conversing and spending time with the other couple that you are not ignoring your partner.

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