Cupid's Pulse Article: Host Chris Harrison Says New ‘Bachelor’ Sean Lowe Is ‘So Sincere’Cupid's Pulse Article: Host Chris Harrison Says New ‘Bachelor’ Sean Lowe Is ‘So Sincere’

By Jennifer Ross

As ABC’s new Bachelor, Sean Lowe is currently shooting their 17th Season, host Chris Harrison reports to, “Sean’s doing great.” Last seen on TV just three months ago when Emily Maynard dumped Lowe on the Bachelorette, this southern man seems to have moved on and recovered quickly. As to whether Lowe’s, 28, love choices will be worth watching, Harrison states, “I think people are really going to like him because he’s so sincere. He really is looking for that someone and that makes it fun for everyone… when you get to know the guy, he’s very well read, very intelligent, a very smart guy.” With the show three-quarters of the way finished in filming, it sounds like this season’s Bachelor will be a must see for all.

What are some ways to tell the person you’re dating is sincere?

Cupid’s Advice:

Dating has its challenges and the process in choosing the right person can be endlessly frustrating. However, it doesn’t have to be this difficult. While you may not be able to measure their sincerity on the first date, there are ways to see it they are genuinely interested in you. For clues, here are a few things to focus on when meeting up for your next date:

1. First impressions: From the moment you meet up with your potential partner, ask yourself, is he/she dressed well? Also, does he/she have social manners? Not dressing well is a sign that he/she is not interested in your opinion. Lacking social manners, such talking too much about themselves rather than getting to know you, is a sign that they are self-absorbed. Both issues state you need to look elsewhere for love.

2. Open or closed: When conversing, ask questions about his/her family or personal life. Whether your date is open or closed about the topic says a lot. When your potential mate’s personal life and family is a closed subject, he/she is hiding something. Secrets so soon into the relationship only cause obstacles that set you two up for failure.

3. Listening skills: Also as important, does your date listen to you speak when discussing your personal life? If he/she focuses more on the environment and/or your physical features rather than your story of losing your favorite dog as a child, you are more than likely wasting your time. Not being able to find interest in listening to you shows that they genuinely are not interested in you.

What signs does your partner show that says he/she is sincere? Tell us below.