Cupid's Pulse Article: Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton to Compete at CMAsCupid's Pulse Article: Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton to Compete at CMAs

Singer Miranda Lambert cleaned up this year with nine nods for the Country Music Awards, including one for Entertainer of the Year.  In fact, Lambert’s number one competition is herself, as two of her songs both received nominations for Music Video, Single and Song of the Year, reports E! News.  Despite competing with herself, however, her toughest competition may go to her soon-to-be husband, singer Blake Shelton, who’s up against her in three categories.  We’ll have to wait until the CMAs air live on Nov. 10 to see who comes out victorious!Is competition in a relationship a good or bad thing?

Cupid’s Advice:

In a long-term relationship, it’s easy to start obsessing over the little things, and it’s especially simple to turn everything into a competition.  A little competitive spirit is healthy for a relationship, but it can get out of hand quickly.  Cupid has some tips for keeping your competitive nature in check:

1. Throw away the tally sheet: One of the worst things you can do in a relationship is to keep score.  Most of us are guilty of keeping a mental checklist of all the things we have done so we can prove to our partners how little they have contributed.  It’s best to accept that relationships are never perfect, and focus on the positive aspects.

2. Start relating: Competing with your mate can be a way to avoid relating to him.  A relationship built solely on competition isn’t healthy, so your time is better spent trying to truly get to know your partner.  Your relationship will be more meaningful, and you’ll understand each other better.

3. Establish self-confidence: Competitive relationships are often sparked by low self-esteem.  Because low self-esteem is characterized by irrational thoughts and actions, you can lose yourself in a relationship and therefore lose control.  Make sure you focus on yourself before you bring someone else into the picture.  Having self-confidence will allow you to have a healthy and happy relationship.