Cupid's Pulse Article: Jennifer Lopez’s new film: The Back-up PlanCupid's Pulse Article: Jennifer Lopez’s new film: The Back-up Plan

With Zoe’s (Jennifer Lopez) biological clocking ticking away, she gives up on love and makes a plan to have a sperm donor create her family.  No sooner is the in vitro process finished and Zoe meets her soulmate, Stan (Alex O’Loughlin).  The problem is, Zoe can’t see past her personal love issues, which stem from a childhood where her mom died, her dad ran out, and her grandmother was left to raise her.  Not long after discovering that her procedure was a success, Zoe begins falling for Stan.  She struggles to hide her pregnant ‘condition,’ but eventually chooses to let him in on the truth, including the fact that she’s having twins!  Although Zoe expects Stan to run away, he steps up and expresses his desire to stick around.  Anyone can fall in love but doing it backwards, in a nine-month window, with two kids on the way could stress out even the best of us.

How do you find time for love when you have a busy schedule?

Cupid’s Advice:

Like most people, you probably take on more than you should.  You manage to get by, but would love to feel that you’ve accomplished tasks instead of just getting through them.  Cupid has some great ways to strike a balance:

1. Put it down on paper: The first thing you should do is write down your schedule on a calendar in advance.  Then, mark your top priorities with easy-to-read bold colors.  Staying organized is key!

2. Share your activities: If you and your partner have equally busy schedules and find that you never see each other, take an hour each week to compare notes.  With effort and a little schedule juggling, you’ll find some quality time to spend together.

3. Avoid distractions: Sure, you may be tempted to watch a Survivor re-run with your beau even when you still have work to do, but it’s best to resist, resist, resist!  Losing focus and concentration in the middle of a project means it will take even longer.  Being efficient and completing tasks will give you quality time together.