Cupid's Pulse Article: Cannon-Carey Baby BuzzCupid's Pulse Article: Cannon-Carey Baby Buzz

Nick Cannon is speaking out about the rampant rumors surrounding wife Mariah Carey, and the possibility that she is pregnant.  Cannon, a self-proclaimed “big kid,” denies any bouncing bundles of joy in the near future, but he did attest to her mothering potential, nurturing nature, and mean waffle-making skills, according to OK! Magazine.  “She’s very nurturing, you know, nurturing and private.  She makes me breakfast, and that’s my favorite food,” Cannon said.  “It will be like 3:00 in the morning, and she’ll still make me breakfast.  [She makes me] Waffles.  I’m a waffle guy.  With like the iron, she’s talented.”

Does the way you behave in a relationship dictate your parenting style?

Cupid’s Advice:

The way someone behaves in any relationship is an indicator of how they relate to others.  If a person is helpful, loving and giving, chances are they’ll be just as loving as a parent.   The one thing no woman needs is having a big kid for a boyfriend/hubby.  Cupid has some suggestions to help you avoid becoming your spouse’s second mom:

1. Choose to be serious: Fun and games are part of what keeps a relationship exhilarating and are essential parts of any lasting romance.  When push comes to shove though, sometimes you have to put on a grown up face and get down to business.  When it comes to big issues like parenting, you need to know that your spouse is a man, not a boy.

2. Nurturing is a two-way street: There’s nothing wrong with giving your spouse a little TLC now and again.  However, you shouldn’t always be the one making breakfast in bed.  Remember that once in awhile you deserve pampering.

3. Let them handle their business: As much as you may want to pick up after your partner, don’t.  It’s always a plus to help your spouse out periodically, but you have to remember that he is an adult, too, and should be able to take care of himself.  If you “mother” him now, you could risk having another kid instead of a partner.