Cupid's Pulse Article: Heidi Klum Opens Up About Celebrating First Holidays Post-Split from SealCupid's Pulse Article: Heidi Klum Opens Up About Celebrating First Holidays Post-Split from Seal

By Jennifer Ross

Christmas in California — is what Heidi Klum has in mind for the holiday season. The supermodel, 39, opens up about the holidays, planning a lovely Christmas at home with her four children from ex Seal, according to On Saturday, when asked about her specific plans, while she was at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles gala, Klum stated, “We’re going to get a big Christmas tree and we might go to Disneyland. We go all over the place.” In all this, one question remains. Will Seal, 49, join the family? No news has been said yet. Klum and Seal have recently begun to speak again after the nasty comments Seal made about Klum’s new relationship with her ex bodyguard Martin Kirsten. Seal contends that his words were taken out of context.

What are some ways to avoid feeling lonely during a first holiday post-divorce?

Cupids Advice:

Whether you are recently divorced or in the process of one, your first holidays sans your ex can be a very challenging time for you. Although it is natural to feel sadness, that doesn’t mean you have to go through it surrounded by gloom. To get you into the spirit of a “different” style of holiday season, here are a few tips in keeping your happiness alive, even after New Year’s:

1. No worries about the ex: During the holidays, pay no mind to how your ex will be spending his time. Instead, focus on yourself and necessary loved ones. Obsessing about what he might being doing will only prevent you from having a happier time.

2. Put negative feelings on hold: Any jealousy, heartache or anger needs to be stored in the back of your mind until after the holiday season; this is not the time to hash them out. Don’t worry; you are not in denial. There will be plenty of time later to deal with the pain.

3. Keep yourself busy: In keeping your mind out of the negativity pool, it is best to accept as many party invitations as you can. If partying is not your thing, then try spending your time volunteering at your favorite charity. Just do anything constructive that will help to get your mind off your divorce and keep your spirits up.

How did you keep your spirits up during your first holiday post-divorce? Comment below.