Cupid's Pulse Article: John Mayer Helps Celebrate Katy Perry’s 28th BirthdayCupid's Pulse Article: John Mayer Helps Celebrate Katy Perry’s 28th Birthday

By Nic Baird

Katy Perry’s relapsing boyfriend, singer-songwriter John Mayer, attended a Friday celebration for the pop star’s upcoming birthday, Oct. 25,  according to Perry dressed as a sexy vampire for the L.A. costume party, while her on-again man donned a vampire hunter outfit. Other celebrities, like Kristen Stewart, Diane Warren, Neil Patrick Harris and Johnny Wujek were also in attendance. Perry “believes she can change” Mayer, a source told Us about their rekindled romance. “She doesn’t want to be just another one of his conquests.”

How do you know if your new partner is a player at heart?

Cupid’s Advice:

There’s nothing more painful then a one-sided relationship. Don’t pour your heart down a bottomless pit. Relationships need sharing, vulnerability, and devotion. Find out if your partner has these qualities by looking for these signs:

1. Values: Getting a baseline for the personal values of your partner is a good way to decide if they’re ready for a serious relationship. Discuss the principles you hold when you enter into a relationship, such as monogamy and honesty. It should be clear if they’re looking for one person, or if they have a constant flirtatious attitude.

2. Priorities: Does their lifestyle support your relationship? Recognize if they’d rather spend time with you, or go out drinking with mixed company. If they don’t have room for you in their schedule, it could be that they’re very career oriented, but make sure you’re their preference. If they’re willing to spend the time to develop as a couple, it shows sincerity.

3. Intimacy: Fostering a connection with your partner, takes time and patience. If they’re afraid to open up to you, maybe they’re afraid to be honest. Players, though charismatic will be reluctant to share too many details of their life. As zealously enigmatic creatures, the fact that you haven’t yet figured out if they’re a player or not is a bad sign.

What are some other signs that your partner is a player? Share your thoughts below.