Cupid's Pulse Article: Justin Timberlake Sang to Jessica Biel at Wedding ReceptionCupid's Pulse Article: Justin Timberlake Sang to Jessica Biel at Wedding Reception

By Jennifer Ross

With their elegant wedding in Italy, this past Friday was a night to remember for Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake. The former ‘NSYNC band member and his new bride had a white wedding, with white flowers literally everywhere, in the very posh Borgo Egnazia resort in southern Italy. One witness reports to, “Even the balconies facing the main courtyard were dressed with white blooms.” The wedding reception was also held inside the hotel resort and draped in white fabric with; you guessed it, more white flowers. Biel, 30, changed from her white-and-pink wedding gown to something more comfortable for partying. With many of Timberlake’s songs being played at the reception by deejay ?uestlove, guests and Biel were in for a surprise when Timberlake, 31, sang a never-been-heard-before song in dedication to his new bride.

How do you use music to bring romance to your relationship?

Cupids Advice:

Music is the primary language of love. It can translate into many cultures and send a message around the world. In music, we can strengthen lovein a matter of minutes, express our deepest feelings and permanently bookmark a moment in time that we will never forget. To tell your partner that you care, show your love through music examples, such as these:

1. Create a love playlist: If you have trouble talking about your feelings, why not let the professionals do it for you? Create a love playlist that includes a mixture of yours and his favorite artist. The best part, even when you are away, your love will come through the audio speakers every time he presses play.

2. Attend a concert: Another way to incorporate music is to find out who is your partner’s favorite singer/band and attend their concert together. Just imagine the surprise look of joy your mate will have when you present those tickets. It gives you two an event to explore together and memory to cherish in the future.

3. Sing a song: Singing a song to your partner is a very romantic way to show your love and allows yourself to be open and venerable to them. Regardless of whether you have a beautiful singing voice or you cannot carry a tune, there is a song out there for everyone. All you have to do is find your song and practice before your special moment.

Did you romance your partner with music? Tell us your story below.