Cupid's Pulse Article: Tips to Keep Things Exciting with a Date Night at HomeCupid's Pulse Article: Tips to Keep Things Exciting with a Date Night at Home

By Karlee Wiggins

Whatever stage you’re at in your relationship, keeping things exciting and fresh is important for a healthy relationship. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a date night either, and for many people who are busy, going out seems like just another chore. Instead, try one of these unique ideas to have a fun, romantic evening with your partner in the comfort of your home. If you have time, you can even do more than one in a single night.

Make Dinner with Your Partner

Instead of going out to an expensive, fancy restaurant, try making dinner with your partner. Cooking together is a surprisingly romantic experience for many people, and you don’t have to be a master chef to make an enjoyable meal. Grab a cookbook from your shelf and prepare something simple, or look up a recipe from a trusted web reference to gather some ideas. If your partner isn’t into cooking, you can surprise them with a homemade dinner that you prepared. After all, even if he or she isn’t into cooking, they probably still like good food.

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Watch a Classic, Romantic Film

Revival theaters are wildly popular these days, often showing 35mm prints of classic films like “Citizen Kane.” Instead of going out, try turning your living room or family room into a home theater for the night and show a DVD of a romantic classic like “Casablanca.” You’ll save money over going out, and instead of stale movie-theater popcorn, serve some chocolate-covered strawberries, raspberries or unique treats with a romantic twist.

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Simply Spontaneous

Instead of doing something traditional like watching a movie or having dinner, try doing something unique. Go outside and fly a kite on a windy night, take a walk around the neighborhood or set up a blanket on your porch or patio and have an evening picnic when the weather permits. Not only are these ideas unique and cost-effective, they’ll also let your partner know you spent some time thinking about interesting ways to keep their attention. That’s important, especially for couples that have been together or married for a long period of time.

Get Creative

Try doing something creative with your partner. Even if you and your partner aren’t particularly artistically-inclined, working on a small painting, drawing a picture or making a collage can be romantic and fun. Try working on the same piece whatever you decide to do, as that way you’ll be close to each other. After all, that’s really a lot more important than whatever it is you create.

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