Cupid's Pulse Article: Kristin Cavallari Says Motherhood Is ‘So Much Fun!’Cupid's Pulse Article: Kristin Cavallari Says Motherhood Is ‘So Much Fun!’

By Nicole Weintraub

Two months after having her son, Kristin Cavallari is back to her former self and happier than ever, according to The former Hills star and fiancé Jay Cutler who is a quarterback for the Chicago Bears welcomed their son Camden Jack two months ago. Cavallari affectionately calls her son, “Boo Boo,” and has been gushing about him nonstop. Since giving birth, the star has lost most of the baby fat by simply eating right and walking on the treadmill. With Halloween right around the corner, the couple is planning to dress their son up as a lion since he is a Leo. “Having a baby is just so much fun,” gushed the star, though she admitted that she sometimes misses her alone time since she is alone with the baby most of the time while her fiancé is off at work. The duo are not planning on having any more kids for the time being, planning on focusing on their son and teaching him to walk before their big day. “I want Camden to walk down the aisle,” Cavallari explained, “so we’d have to wait anyway for him to start walking.”

What are some reasons to put off nuptials?

Cupid’s Advice:

Getting married? There is a ton of planning that goes into a wedding, though sometimes it’s best to pull the reigns on the planning for just a little while. Here are a few reasons on why it may be better to wait to get married:

1. Babies: Having a baby is stressful enough without adding the whole planning of a wedding onto your plate. Plus, most women want to focus on their babies especially while they are young since they grow up so fast. In Cavallari’s case, she is waiting until her son can walk so that he can be incorporated into her wedding.

2. Illness: If you, your partner or a family member is seriously ill, it may be for the best to postpone the nuptials. Everyone will be distracted and the main focus should be on that person getting better, not on your wedding.

3. Family Emergencies: If there is a family emergency such as a pending death or a death in the family, out of respect and the right thing to do it may be best to postpone the wedding. Family members will need to go through a mourning period before they can be excited about a celebration.

What are some reasons you would postpone your wedding? Share your ideas in the comments below.