Cupid's Pulse Article: Recently Reunited Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Are Caught Being Cozy on CameraCupid's Pulse Article: Recently Reunited Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Are Caught Being Cozy on Camera

By Jennifer Ross

In another sign that things are moving forward, recently reunited Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were photographed warm and loving to each other, according to To Twilight fans, this is just more proof that their number one couple is back! During their Monday night outing with friends, the pair was affectionate to each other with “no sign of tension,” according to an eyewitness. In the months before their reconciliation, no matter how much Pattinson resisted her, Stewart, 22, fought very hard to win back his affection. With Stewart’s persistence, Pattinson, 26, eventually gave in and started answering her calls again. Here’s hoping they remain strong.

What are some ways to know you can trust your partner after a betrayal?

Cupid’s Advice:

Trust is a main element in a strong relationship. When your partner violates that trust, often it is much harder to ever trust him as much as before. Even so, to stay together AND never trust him again is only torturous for you both. Explore the ways to learn to trust again with these three tips:

1. You are no longer blind: In experiencing this betrayal, you open your eyes to the red flags and lies you used to deny. You realize that he was able to lie to you because along with his dishonesty, you too were dishonest with yourself. In being truthful to yourself, you can now expect your partner to do the same.

2. You know what he will do: In reconciling, your partner is open and honest about the necessary steps he is taking to regain your trust. In him doing this and being consistent, you are able to slowly release your fear of him betraying you. You both are aware that this isn’t easy for him; yet, you guys support each other in this venture to unite strong again.

3. You have seen examples of trust again: In all this, you and your partner are beginning to reach a point where you can trust him again. Little instances that are equally important to major ones have happened and your mate has not failed you as before. You see that he is honest with you and can trust it.

How were you able to trust your partner again? Share your story below.