Cupid's Pulse Article: Demi Moore Is ‘Jealous and Frustrated’ by Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’ RelationshipCupid's Pulse Article: Demi Moore Is ‘Jealous and Frustrated’ by Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’ Relationship

By Jennifer Ross

It can be extremely painful for a woman to tolerate an ex finding a new love; even celebrities are not immune to this sadness. Demi Moore has had a rough year, starting with ex Ashton Kutcher’s cheating scandal, leading to their divorce and now — coping with his new love, Mila Kunis. Moore, who will celebrate her 50th birthday this November 11, has been described by a close source as “jealous and frustrated.” Also, many sources have reported to People that friends are worried she hasn’t fully recovered. On the other hand, a separate source maintains that Moore is moving forward and doing well. “…despite the depression of going through a divorce, she came through it.”

What are some ways to cope with your ex’s new relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

Your relationship has broken up. You are trying to move on. So far, you are doing a pretty good job. Then, you hear your ex has a new love and the pain feels like you are back to the day after the breakup. Have no worries. Coping with the news can be easier by considering these three tips:

1. Accept the sadness: Unfortunately, the wound is open again no matter how “over it” you believe to be. Feel the pain, again. It’s useless and hurtful to your future to ignore it. Realize that it will not last long and will not hurt nearly as bad as the breakup.

2. Find a new hobby: Want to learn how to surf? Or cook? Involve yourself in a new hobby, something you have always wanted to do. By focusing your mind on yourself in a positive manner, you are gaining confidence. This will help to alleviate the sadness much quicker.

3. Support your own relationships: Remember those friendships you had before your ex that slowly disappeared? Rekindle those again. Reach out to old friends and start anew. Also, go out and meet new friends. Thankfully, a partner is not the only form of love and support in this world.

How did you cope with your ex finding a new partner? Tell us below.