Cupid's Pulse Article: Jef Holm Unwinds with Golf Post-Split from Emily MaynardCupid's Pulse Article: Jef Holm Unwinds with Golf Post-Split from Emily Maynard

By Nicole Weintraub

The day after it was publicly known that Jef Holm and fiancée Emily Maynard were calling it quits, Holm was seen out golfing, according to People. “Just what I needed,” Holm announced via his Twitter account on Tuesday — a day after announcing his split from fiancée Bachelorette Maynard. His golfing buddy ironically was Arie Luyendyk who was the runner-up on the Bachelorette. In response to calling off his engagement with Maynard, he commented that the two remain “great friends” and he hopes to continue his friendship with her. The duo “tried our hardest to make it work”, but it looks like the two will remain friends for now.

What are some ways to keep yourself busy after a breakup?

Cupid’s Pulse

The first few days after a breakup are the hardest from coping with the loss of a valued relationship to dealing with the sudden amount of free time. Here are some ways to busy yourself:

1. Catch up with old friends: When we are in a relationship we tend to replace the time that we would spend with friends with time spent with a partner. Go out for a drink with a few friends or take an old pal to lunch to catch up. Reunite with an old classmate or friend that you lost in touch with.

2. Cross that item off your bucket list: Never had time to take those dance classes? How about that movie you’ve been dying to see? Go see it and cross it off your to do list! While you have the time, do all of the things you had wanted to do but never got around to do yet.

3. Avoid the computer: Whatever you do avoid the computer including Facebook. Nothing good can come out of seeing your ex and his current whereabouts. Plus, you don’t need to log your daily activities on the computer for your ex and his friends to see.

How do you keep yourself busy after a breakup? Share your ideas with us.