Cupid's Pulse Article: Jennifer Aniston Shows Off Engagement Ring on a Date with Justin TherouxCupid's Pulse Article: Jennifer Aniston Shows Off Engagement Ring on a Date with Justin Theroux

By Nic Baird

Actress Jennifer Aniston wore her enormous engagement ring out for a romantic Saturday night with fiancé Justin Theroux, according to The two had a private table in the garden of Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont. The couple chatted and made subtle signs of affections, like Theroux reaching out to touch her hand during the meal. Although the actor-screenwriter proposed to Aniston back in August, the ring didn’t publicly debut until Oct. 6.

What are some ways to make a classic dinner date more romantic?

Cupid’s Advice:

The classic dinner date is definitely the generic outing for a new couple, but pack it full of romance, and it won’t lose its magic. It’s always a great excuse to sit down and talk to your significant other for a couple of hours. Keep these tips in mind, and try new variations to pull of a deeply engaging dinner date:

1. Ambiance: The local, music,  and the food create the date. Candles and flowers go a long way obviously, but try chaning up the setting. Have a picnic, find some water, or make your own meal at home. Just changing things up adds some fresh romance.

2. Conversation: More important than what you’re eating, or where you’re eating it, is how your interact with your partner. If dinner is following an activity, you can discuss the heartfelt and funny moments of your date. For a special dinner date, you should make a connection in the conversation. Discuss topics that are special to you, or take the opportunity to learn more about your partner.

3. Appearance: Even if you’ve both seen each other at your worst, a special dinner date means it’s time to spruce up. Dress appropriately for the date, but if you’re unsure, always overdress. Putting extra effort into your appearance tells your partner this date is special to you, and shows an endearing vulnerability. You’re sending them an intimate message by soliciting their attraction. If you get dolled up for important event, then make this one of them.

What are some ways you’ve made your dinner dates more romantic? Share your experiences below!