Cupid's Pulse Article: Sources Say Russell Crowe and Danielle Spencer Have SplitCupid's Pulse Article: Sources Say Russell Crowe and Danielle Spencer Have Split

By Nic Baird

Oscar winner Russell Crowe and musician Danielle Spencer have split after an eight year marriage, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. The relationship blossomed after the two were cast as lovers in the 1990 movie The Crossing. The New Zealand-born actor married Spencer in her native Australia April 7, 2003. Spencer is currently in Sydney with their two children, while Crowe is on a N.Y.C. stage with Alan Doyle, Sting, and upcoming Les Mis√©rables co-star Emma Watson. Crowe’s rep did not respond to People‘s request for comment, Sunday.

What are some ways to get through a rocky patch in your relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

Getting past the hurdles in a relationship is easy. Every couple has problems, but all it takes is a bit of effort to move on. Before you go wasting your money on therapists and bartenders, check that you’re both completely invested in making it work. It only takes a spark to get the fire going again.

1. Clear the air: Don’t tiptoe around ongoing issues. Find out what burdens your relationship. Tell your partner what makes you unhappy, and listen to your their problems as well. Think about the times when you worked well as a couple, and examine why relations are suddenly different.

2. Compromise: Someone’s needs are being neglected in your relationship. Trying to push past a rocky patch means resolving to make the necessary adjustments. Talk with your partner about the needs you both have. Figure out what structural tweaks will keep your twosome blissful.

3. Change: Resolving to improve means nothing without action. As a couple, you move forward together. Half the pair can’t be crushed by all the relationship maintenance, while the other shows no interest. Obviously your relationship changed once before when it slid into this rut, now something has to change again. Follow through on the changes you discussed with your partner.

How did you get past a rocky patch in your relationship? Share your experiences below!