Cupid's Pulse Article: Prince Harry Reunites with Ex-Girlfriend Cressida BonasCupid's Pulse Article: Prince Harry Reunites with Ex-Girlfriend Cressida Bonas

By Nicole Weintraub

Prince Harry and former girlfriend Cressida Bonas are back together, sources report on Extra. The duo split after Harry’s scandal of nude photos in Las Vegas in which he embarrassed the model. Bonas dumped the royal redhead, but the two have still been in contact with each other. Harry has missed his former girlfriend and revealed that he “wanted things to go back to normal when he returns” from Afghanistan. According to sources, Bonas feels the same way and is looking forward to his return where the two will finally be reunited.

Can you move on, forgive and be happy again with a partner who has cheated?

Cupid’s Advice:

You never thought you would be back with him — he lied, cheated and the two of you have long since broken up. But can there be a round two? Cupid has some tips:

1. Forgive, don’t forget: We all need to forgive, mostly in order to move on and heal ourselves. If we hold on to a grudge and hold onto anger and resentment, then we are only hurting ourselves in the long run. Though, just because we forgive does not mean that we forget what has been done to us.

2. Think long and hard: Do not jump right in to another relationship, especially with someone who has cheated on you before. Weigh the pros and cons and truly consider whether or not your former beau has changed. Keep in mind the common saying: once a cheater, always a cheater.

3. Take baby steps: Don’t rush into anything; take baby steps to see if this is something that you and your partner truly want. Perhaps you have forgiven them, but you cannot trust them. Perhaps you will find you are on two different paths in life.

Would you ever get back with someone who cheated? Share your stories with us.