Cupid's Pulse Article: Taylor Swift Denies ‘Kidnapping’ Conor KennedyCupid's Pulse Article: Taylor Swift Denies ‘Kidnapping’ Conor Kennedy

By Nicole Weintraub

Taylor Swift recently opened up during a Rolling Stone interview in which she assured everyone that she did not kidnap her boyfriend, Conor Kennedy, according to People. Via the internet, there have been rumors circulating that the singer whisked away her boyfriend who is still in high school amidst a private jet. “You can’t kidnap a grown man,” exclaimed Swift, explaining that stories as such are exactly the reason as to why she does not investigate tabloid and rumor stories. Another story was fabricated claiming that Swift crashed a private Kennedy wedding, stealing her beau but this time from a family function.

What are some ways to keep rumors from affecting your relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

Regardless of how old you are, in a time where lives are publicized, rumors are bound to surface time and time again. Here are some ways on how to keep those rumors from affecting your love life:

1. Fact or fiction: Know the difference between fact and fiction for the benefit of your own relationship. If you hear a rumor regarding your lover, don’t look too much into it. Chances are, you would have known about it first if it were true. 

2. Let it bounce off of you: Remember the infamous old saying rubber and glue? Just let it bounce right off of you and don’t let it get to you. If a particular rumor is keeping you up at night, talk about it with your partner. It’s better to set the record straight than to keep thinking what if.

3. Laugh it off: Rumors are rumors — they are childish and honestly a part of everyday life. If someone asks you if such and such is true, laugh it off as if you don’t have a care in the world. Others will see your reaction and have similar ones.

How have you kept rumors from affecting your relationship? Share with us in the comments below!