Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Mentalist’ Star Owain Yeoman is EngagedCupid's Pulse Article: ‘Mentalist’ Star Owain Yeoman is Engaged

By Nicole Weintraub

Owain Yeoman of Mentalist recently proposed to girlfriend Gigi Yallouz, a jewelry designer according to People. The couple began dating earlier this year after introducing themselves at a traffic light in Los Angeles. Yeoman surprised the designer by making his bulldog do all of the work by holding up a sign proposing to her. “It was quite a challenge picking out the ring,” the star remarked since his bride to be designs jewelry after all. Though, Yeoman seemed to pick the right one since she accepted his proposal and the two will be married this coming June in Malibu.

How do you find out what engagement ring your girlfriend would prefer?

Cupid’s Pulse:

You’re ready to pop the question but there’s just one problem — you are completely and utterly clueless as to which ring to get. You don’t know the difference between a gemstone and a diamond! Here are some clues on how to find the right ring.

1. Recruit others to the cause: There is no one better to ask for help than your girlfriend’s mother, your mother or your girlfriend’s best friends. Chances are, your girlfriend has spilled to them over the years what her dream ring will include so don’t feel that you’re alone in this quest to finding the perfect ring.

2. Be sly: While you’re out, walk by a jewelry store and see if anything in particular catches her eye. Look through her jewelry box and take a look at the jewelry she already has to see if there is a common theme between her pieces. For example, if the jewelry looks sort of antique, she will probably want a matching engagement ring.

3. Do your homework: The internet and magazines are your best friends. If necessary, look through the magazines at home so that you are not embarrassed at work or on the go. Though, it will be beneficial in the long run if you at least know what the typical price ranges are and styles.

How would you know which ring is right? Share your stories with us below.