Cupid's Pulse Article: Courtney Roberton Is Spotted Without Engagement RingCupid's Pulse Article: Courtney Roberton Is Spotted Without Engagement Ring

By Jennifer Ross

Nothing spells a breakup any clearer than when a woman takes off her engagement ring, as is the case with Bachelor couple Ben Flajnik and his ex-fiancée Courtney Robertson. This Monday, Robertson, 29, was spotted out wearing workout gear minus an engagement ring just a mere few days after Flajnik, 30, had confirmed to People that the two had split up. As if this was not enough confirmation, Flajnik then posted online, “Welp, another weekend ahead and there is so much going on in San Francisco. I can’t even begin to tell you how crazy of a weekend it’s going to be.” Will Flajnik be the next second-time Bachelor? Stay tuned.

How do you know when to call off your engagement?

Cupid’s Advice:

Thankfully, most of us do not have to deal with a breakup while being constantly followed by the media. However, this does not make ending an engagement any easier for you. Before you walk down the aisle, here are a few signs leading towards ending your engagement:

1. Infidelity: Without a doubt, if someone is cheating in your relationship, this is a major sign that the engagement needs to be called off; at the very least, the wedding needs to be postponed. Infidelity is a usually symptom, and not the cause, that someone is not 100 percent on board with a union between two people. Without full commitment from both parties, your future marriage will not last long.

2. Too many missing links: By the time you are engaged, certain fundamental questions should be agreed upon by you and your partner. Where will you two live? How many children will you have? What, if any, religion will the children learn? Who will stay home with them? Not agreeing or compromising to these questions will set your relationship up for future surprises and high risk failure.

3. Instincts are loud: If on the outside everything in your relationship seems perfect but your internal instincts are screaming “run,” feeding it cookies will not do you any good. Never let a perfect, albeit false, image of your love life prevent you and your partner from having true happiness, even if it’s separately. Like all other challenges in life, you will survive a breakup and be stronger for it.

What made you decide to call off your engagement? Share with us below.