Cupid's Pulse Article: Beyonce Performs ‘Crazy in Love’ with Jay-Z in BrooklynCupid's Pulse Article: Beyonce Performs ‘Crazy in Love’ with Jay-Z in Brooklyn

By Nic Baird

Surprise guest Beyonce joined her husband Jay-Z on stage at the Barclays Center Saturday. The leather clad Beyonce even had to cover Jay-Z when he missed his queue during “Crazy in Love,” according to “Oh sh– I should probably rap here,” he said afterwards. Jay-Z had been too caught up in his wife’s vocals to remember his part. By having his wife perform, Jay-Z closed out eight nights at the Brooklyn venue. She was in the audience during the first Sept. 28 show, before taking her support to the stage as her 2008 hit “Diva” played.

How do you stay involved with your partner’s career?

Cupid’s Advice:

Unless your spouse is a secret agent, learning about their career will make them more willing to disclose work experiences. Cupid has some advice:

1. Ask questions: As a topic of conversation, the things people do during the average day at work is only slightly less monotonous than the weather. But like the weather, it’s very important so you can act with foresight. Problems at work can quickly boil over into personal life. Not only are you showing an interest in your partner’s career, but you’ll be able to anticipate their needs and moods by regularly asking them about work.

2. Offer advice: The follow-up to asking questions about work is offering advice. To fully communicate, you have to offer something to your partner. Your advice should align with your significant other’s career objectives. Demonstrating your support comes by helping your partner with their goals, not your own. Make a sincere contribution, and don’t be upset if they neglect your tips.

3. Celebrate together: A great way to show your involvement with your partner’s career is by looking for ways to celebrate their work. This could be a promotion, or an accomplishment. If they have free time after a long stretch at the office, celebrate a break from their labour. It’s not only about showing your interest, but also an opportunity to spend time together.

When do you find time to talk to your partner about their career? Share your experiences below!