Cupid's Pulse Article: Justin Bieber’s Mom ‘Loves’ Selena GomezCupid's Pulse Article: Justin Bieber’s Mom ‘Loves’ Selena Gomez

By Nicole Weintraub

Pattie Mallette opens up regarding her sexual past and her words of advice for her son Justin Bieber, according to Mallette reveals that she was sexually abused as a child, which developed into an obscured view of love and men in general. She became pregnant with Bieber at just 17 and started sharing her own story with her son in the hopes that he would make better decisions than she did. In response to her son’s two-year girlfriend, Selena Gomez, she gushes of what a sweetheart she is. “They’re good together. They’re adorable,” explains Mallette who greatly approves of her son’s girlfriend.

How do you make a good first impression on your partner’s parents?

Cupid’s Advice:

You’re meeting the parents — don’t freak! Here are some ways on how to make a good impression when you first meet your partner’s parents:

1. Be yourself: Don’t try to be someone you are not because that never turns out well. Be honest about who you are as a person and your interests. After all, only you can play the part of yourself perfectly.

2. Be appropriate: Be sure to censor yourself, especially if your partner’s parents are old fashioned and traditional. Don’t dress as if you were going out to a club and don’t curse like a truck driver. Act the way you would want your partner to behave upon meeting your parents.

3. Stay calm: Breathe. Be calm, cool and collected. Parents are still regular everyday people. You want to impress them, but they are not going to interview you or nitpick everything that you say. Plus, your partner will be there with you to guide you.

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