Cupid's Pulse Article: Tom Cruise Is Moving On But Misses SuriCupid's Pulse Article: Tom Cruise Is Moving On But Misses Suri

By Jennifer Ross

Although Tom Cruise has moved on from his divorce to ex Katie Holmes, he deeply misses Suri. With his new role in the upcoming action film All You Need is Kill, Cruise has been based in London since August for pre-productions, which has made it virtually impossible to see his 6-year-old daughter. As reported by a friend to People, Cruise, 50, has said, “I’ve got to see her.” Adding to that difficulty is Suri’s permanent relocation in New York City, where she began first grade at the private Avenue’s School in Chelsea. However dim, all is not lost. The first grader is still able to have a relationship with her father, via phone, several times per day.

What are some ways to remain in your child’s life after a split?

Cupid’s Advice:

In any break-up, the relationship between you and your child may become estranged. In order to regain that special bond between parent and child, Cupid’s Pulse has a few tips to help you stay connected:

1. My home is your home: When you are settling down in your new home, be sure to create a personal room/space for your child as well. Allow them to decide on the room decorations. Their very own room will make them feel wanted and welcomed, giving them a sense of security during the time they are with you.

2. Share a common interest: Start a hobby that you both like and can enjoy together. Whether it is an outdoor sport like football or something calmer, such as starting a book club, the interest needs to be exciting for both of you. This will give you a common ground to relate and help create a positive connection with your child.

3. Always remain consistent: No matter how busy you life may get or how difficult your ex may be, there must be consistency between the parents! Therefore, set the ground rules with your ex regarding your child and follow them. Otherwise, different rules in different homes will only lead to emotional chaos and destruction.

How have you remained in your child’s life after your break-up? Tell us below.