Cupid's Pulse Article: 5 Dates You Should DITCHCupid's Pulse Article: 5 Dates You Should DITCH

By Dating Diva, Jennifer Oikle, Ph.D., for

men to stay away from

Of course you know better, but sometimes the forbidden is just oh… so… seductive. Yah, you know you really shouldn’t– yet sometimes you can’t seem to help yourself, right?

The next time you find yourself being sucked into a romance with any of these five types of men, think again because here’s the cold, hard truth. The biggest reason most of you are still single is that we’ve wasted too much time in dead-end relationships, with guys like these!

5 Guys NOT To Date

Ditch the Date #1: Your Hot Neighbor

Sweet! The new guy next door is a total hottie. But if you find yourself baking some cookies as an excuse to meet him, bring them to your co-workers instead. While it’s super convenient to date when you can walk over to his house in your slippers, once it’s over, your heart will never know a moments peace. “Oh look, his car’s in the driveway, wonder what he’s doing now?” Sigh. “Oh no, who’s car is that in the driveway?” It’s still there the next morning. Cry. You get the picture. Home won’t be so sweet anymore.

Ditch the Date #2: The Last Minute Date Dude

You know you shouldn’t say yes when he calls the same day for a date later that night. Especially when that’s the ONLY time he calls. But what should you do? If you say no, then you’ll never get to see him? Perfect! Because it’s clear he’s just filling space (and maybe his bed) with you. Save yourself for someone who wants (and deserves) you more than that!

Ditch the Date #3: Your Professor, Boss, Personal Trainer, Coach

Smarts and confidence are sexy, especially in a slightly older guy who seems to own his world. And his returned interest in you? Sure, it seems like a total flattering turn-on. But you know the drill. Get it on with any of these guys and you’re really just a cute plaything, ready to be discarded once the freshness wears off. And then where will you be? Finding a new class, job, gym or sport? Not even remotely worth it.

Ditch the Date #4:  The Vacation Beau

So you met the perfect guy while sunning yourself 1,000 miles away. Now you’ve got a long distance relationship brewing. Which is so romantic, until it isn’t. And what about all that longing? It gets old fast. Besides what are you missing? I mean how well can you possibly know the guy when you spent a week with him and all you ever get to do is talk and text.  Give yourself to someone you can actually be with.

Ditch the Date #5: The Married Guy

You so know better, but what if his attention and affection just feels so right? What if your drought has been so long? You can “What-If” yourself till you’re blue in the face, but at the end of the day, you’re still giving your heart to an occupied man. Add in what you’re doing to his wife, and what you’re doing to yourself…and it’s a lot of  precious time wasted that you’ll never get back!

By ditching the date with these ultimately unavailable men, you can make you sure you stay totally ready for a great guy that you really can see a future with.