Cupid's Pulse Article: Nicole Kidman Says She’ll Hang Out Backstage at ‘American Idol’Cupid's Pulse Article: Nicole Kidman Says She’ll Hang Out Backstage at ‘American Idol’

By Nic Baird

The latest installment of American Idol may feature glimpses of Nicole Kidman, as she plans to visit her rocker husband Keith Urban on set, according to  The actress told E! News’ Ryan Seacrest that she’ll be cheering on her man off stage. Urban will be one of three new judges with singer Mariah Carey and rapper Nicki Minaj. Though Kidman will be away playing Grace Kelly in the upcoming film Grace of Monaco, she and Urban have been an inseparable couple since 2005. The movie starlet will be back in 2013 to support her spouse backstage.

What are some ways to support your partner’s career?

Cupid’s Advice:

You should already know your partner’s ambitions and concerns with their job. It’s important you let them know you’re rooting for them. Here are some tips for being appropriately involved in your significant other’s career:

1. Share success: While you have a separate career from your partner, you’re on the same team. When one of you advances, or finishes a project, you should celebrate. If your partner succeeds, you’ve made a smart choice. And if they succeed because of your support, they think they’ve made the smart choice. When you share success there’s a lot more of it to go around.

2. Take an interest: It’s important to recognize professional boundaries around your partner’s work. Don’t inject yourself into their job, but learn enough so you can talk to them about it. There should be something they find interesting about their work, and if there isn’t you should point that out.

3. Work together: Coordinate your schedules so you can spend time together after hours. If you both can work from home, try working in the same room. You can share advice, get ahead, and still spend quality time together. Be ready to help your partner if they have a work emergency. In times of crisis, they’ll appreciate the support your relationship offers.

How involved are you with your partner’s career? Share the ways you support them below.