Cupid's Pulse Article: John Mayer and Michelle Trachtenberg?Cupid's Pulse Article: John Mayer and Michelle Trachtenberg?

Known playboy John Mayer, who has dated the likes of Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston, has recently been linked to Gossip Girl actress Michelle Trachtenberg.  Rumors say that the pair were seen getting cozy at Soho House in Los Angeles recently.  Though reports say the two seem “smitten,” Trachtenberg’s rep adamantly denied all claims they are more than just friends.  The spokesperson maintains that they chatted together for a few minutes.  Trachtenberg’s rep told the New York Post, “They’ve known each other for years.”How can you get a bad boy to settle down?

Cupid’s Advice:

1. Don’t always cooperate: Constantly rearranging your day to meet his schedule is not going to pique his interest.  Make him come to you.  Your unavailability will make him more eager to see you.

2. Give him free reign: Be independent.  Let him know that you don’t need him, and that it is up to him to really get the relationship going.  Your apparent disinterest will make you seem less desperate and more mysterious, which will interest him.

3. What are you willing to tolerate?: Taming a bad boy is a near impossible task.  You need to ask yourself what you are willing to put up with in a relationship.  If you are not willing to give him free reign, then your relationship with a bad boy will probably not end happily.