Cupid's Pulse Article: Former Bachelor Finds a New Girlfriend!Cupid's Pulse Article: Former Bachelor Finds a New Girlfriend!

Former Bachelor, Charlie O’Connell, is smitten with a new beauty, spa director Courtney Buntin Victor.  The couple met at a party in San Antonio about two months ago and ended up talking the night away.  Although the relationship is long distance (he lives in NYC and she’s in Savanah, GA), O’Connell seems very content.  “It’s going great.  It’s refreshing to be dating again,” he tells US Magazine.  So what did Victor have that won over this hunk?  “Her personality!” O’Connell gushes.  “She’s fun to be around and everyone likes her.  She’s real sweet, she talks to everyone.”

How can you get a made-to-impress personality?

Cupid’s Advice:

Beauty may fade, but personality stays!  If you can’t enjoy being around your mate, then what’s the point?  Cupid shows you how to fight lust and get love:

1. Play it cool: Sometimes we get so caught up in being around our crushes that our personalities take a back seat, and we look like a love-struck puppies.  Keep first time conversations short.  You want to pique his interest in you, not tell him your life story.  This gives you time to warm up and become comfortable around your partner.

2. Next batta batta!: Stick to “three strikes and you’re out.”  Give yourself a mental deadline (that’s non-negotiable).  When you “accidentally” bump into your squeeze three times at the local coffee shop, you can bow out knowing you gave it your best shot.  After three shots, you run the risk of looking like a stalker.

3. Be yourself: The most important thing you can do is avoid acting like someone you’re not.  If you’re looking for a longterm relationship, then there’s no point in misleading your potential mate.  You want someone who will appreciate and love you for who you are.  Don’t compromise!