Cupid's Pulse Article: Martha Stewart Discusses Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ WeddingCupid's Pulse Article: Martha Stewart Discusses Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ Wedding

By Nicole Weintraub

According to, Martha Stewart was invited to the secret nuptials of the newlyweds Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. The TV star had nothing, but praise for the young couple. Lively was “a very gorgeous” bride and Reynolds was a “very gorgeous” groom, she said. The couple lives within the same area as Stewart and the trio spend time together. When asked about the newlyweds, Stewart remarked they they are “the nicest couple”. The pair exchanged vows in a top-secret ceremony on September 9 in South Carolina that no one but a select few saw coming.

What are some ways to pull off a surprise wedding?

Cupid’s Advice:

Instead of going for the common surprise party, you want to go for a surprise wedding! Here are some tips on how to pull it off:

1. Don’t post it: If you want to keep the wedding a secret, don’t post about it on the internet or else all of your facebook friends will see. Keep it quiet until you absolutely have to inform others or else you will ruin the surprise before it can even be planned completely.

2. Keep the list simple: You don’t need to invite your cousin’s friend’s brother’s uncle. Keep the list to your closest friends and family because the more people that know of the wedding, the less it will be a surprise in the long run.

3. Last minute: Nothing says surprise like a last minute phone call. You may want to avoid last minute invitations since that would make it inconvenient for some guests, but it’s all about the surprise if you’re going for that element.

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