Cupid's Pulse Article: Sources Say Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s Divorce Has Been Hard on SuriCupid's Pulse Article: Sources Say Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s Divorce Has Been Hard on Suri

By Nicole Weintraub

Ever since Katie Holmes filed for divorce from her former beau Tom Cruise, their six-year-old daughter has been acting out, according to  Ever since the power couple decided to call it quits, Holmes has been toning down her lavish lifestyle and is trying to spoil her daughter, Suri, a little less. Cruise has been known to spoil his little girl to pieces, for example, spending over $6,000 on their recent helicopter excursion to The Hamptons. Holmes, though, is taking a different parenting route by enrolling her daughter in an elementary school that calls for a strict dress code. The young Cruise is not too happy about the recent changes, though. According to Holmes, she still needs time to adjust.

How do you keep the drama of a split from affecting your children?

Cupid’s Advice:

A separation can be brutal and ugly, especially when young children are involved. Here are some tips on how to shield your children from the drama of your split:

1. Don’t drag the kids in: Under no circumstances is it ever okay for a child to think that they caused their parents to split up. Assure your children that this was a decision made by the two of you as adults and had nothing to do with them.

2. Don’t badmouth: Don’t badmouth your former partner in front of your children. Not only will that affect your child’s relationship with that partner, but also you’re only going to get yourself into trouble with the other person.

3. Remain civil: Children absorb everything, especially things that they pick up from their parents. You don’t have to like each other, but try to be civil with one another and “play nice” while in front of your kids.

Have you gone through a split with kids involved? How did you deal with shielding the kids from the split? Tell us in the comments below.