Cupid's Pulse Article: Liberty Ross Is Spotted With a Mystery Man Post-Cheating ScandalCupid's Pulse Article: Liberty Ross Is Spotted With a Mystery Man Post-Cheating Scandal

By Erin Minty

After the dramatic cheating scandal between director Rupert Sanders and Kristen Stewart, his estranged wife Liberty Ross is moving on with her life and making the best of it.  Just last week the newly separated Ross had a “triumphant” debut at New York Fashion Week; the 33-year old walked in Alexander Wang’s runway show. Just after that, she was spotted Monday night, leaving her wedding ring for a new accessory: a dashing mystery man on her arm! According to, a source reported, “It’s still too early to tell what will happen with them.” But things are pointing toward a split.

How do you know when it’s time to move on after a split?

Cupid’s Advice:

Splitting up with your partner can be a tough decision, but an even tougher is sometimes deciding when the right time is to start dating again. Cupid has some advice on how to know when it’s time to move on:

1. You start to picture yourself with someone else: One way to know that you might be ready to move on after a split is that you stop picturing your future with your ex and start picturing your future with someone else.  That “someone else” may be just a blurry figure or an actual person you know, but the signs are there that you are ready to start dating again.

2. You stop obsessing over the past:  Another sign that you’re ready to move on is that you stop thinking about every little thing that went wrong about your last relationship.  It may take time to heal fully, but if you don’t think about it every second of every day, that will definitely help and it gives you time to think about your future relationships instead.

3. You feel comfortable opening up: Trust can be a big issue after a break up, so when you feel comfortable opening up again, it is probably a sign that you are ready to move on.  Don’t move too fast, just consider the ability of sharing your life with someone again and it will come naturally!

How did you know when the right time was to move on after a split?  Let us know below!