Cupid's Pulse Article: Blake Lively Has An On Set Wedding CelebrationCupid's Pulse Article: Blake Lively Has An On Set Wedding Celebration

By Erin Minty

The wedding of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds has been the talk of the town since the two secretly married at a small ceremony in South Carolina recently.  But after the relaxation of a small town wedding and low-key honeymoon, the actress was back to the big city and back to work–her hit TV show Gossip Girl starting filming again. On set, the Gossip Girlcast was not all business, congratulating Lively on her recent nuptials. They even raised a glass of “champagne” (ginger ale) to toast the actress during a scene.  Blake was reportedly “glowing,” according to People.  Her cast mates and producers all shared in the happiness of Lively’s new marriage and wished her well.

What are some ways to help your coworker celebrate their recent wedding?

Cupid’s Advice:

A marriage is always a call for celebration and well wishes, even in the office! Cupid has some advice on how you can help celebrate a coworker’s recent wedding:

1. Plan a party: When your coworker comes back from his/her honeymoon, show them you care about their happiness by planning a party. It doesn’t have to be big; a cake in the break room or decorations on their desk will show them how happy you are for them and that you want to help them celebrate this big change in their lives.

2. Help them out:If your coworker is a little shyer, you can help them celebrate their wedding by offering to take over some of their work while they are away on their honeymoon. That way, they won’t be spending the whole time worrying about their job and you can be a part of the reason they are happy and relaxed.

3. Get a gift:While your coworker is away for their honeymoon, get the whole office together to pitch in for a gift. Depending on the size of your office, you could get together a lot of money to get the new couple something really special. Your coworker will really appreciate the thought you all put in to helping them get ready for their new life.

How did you help your coworker celebrate their wedding?  Share your story below!