Cupid's Pulse Article: Annie Lennox Ties the Knot for the Third TimeCupid's Pulse Article: Annie Lennox Ties the Knot for the Third Time

By Jennifer Ross

Annie Lennox has put a little love in her heart again, reports People. The Scottish singer married Dr. Mitch Besser, an American gynecologist, Saturday in London. According to the Daily Record, Lennox’s two daughters, Lola, 22, and Tali, 19, along with a small group of friends and family members were present for the private ceremony. Dr. Besser, 57, is also founder of mothers2mothers, an organization in Africa aimed at helping prevent transmission of HIV from mother to baby. In 2009, it is through the organization that Lennox, also 57, met Dr. Besser. Let’s hope that Lennox’s third time is the charm.

How do you know if your marriage will last after multiple divorces?

Cupid’s Advice:

There are many statistics out there that state your chances of divorcing a second time around can be up to 90 percent higher than if you were in your first marriage. However, some remarriages do last, regardless of previous failures. Here are a few clues in knowing the difference:

1. Heal from the old marriage: Holding on to anything negative or unfulfilled from your previous marriage will only set you up for failure in the future one. Find closure in all aspects, physically, financially, socially and emotionally. If that means you must cry a river of tears, get it over with, and then leave it in your past.

2. Evaluate yourself: In evaluating yourself, take time to see what you did wrong in your previous marriage and what expectations you had. Remember, your ex was not the only one at fault. By knowing the good and bad in yourself, you can prevent repeating history.

3. Be the real you: In the new marriage, it is most important to be completely honest with yourself and your spouse about who you really are. Honesty about everything will show that there are no unexpected surprises with you. Also, your marriage actually has a great chance at forming a strong bond, stronger than before.

What are the differences in you between your remarriage and previous marriage? Is the marriage bond stronger than before? Tell us how below.